home invasionIs your CWP enough to protect you & your family?


3 Day Intensive Civilian Tactical Defense Course

Techniques and Tactics from Krav Maga Self Defense designed by Israeli Defense Forces to be BRUTALLY SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. Most effective Self Defense used by Military & Law Enforcement

*Self Defense Combatives (Practical Striking) *Ground Tactics
*Unarmed Defense Against Common Attacks *Defense Against Handguns/ Disarming
*Defense Against Edged Weapons *Defense Against Handguns/ Disarming
*Defense Against Blunt Weapons *Awareness/ Avoidance/ Tactical Speech
*Emergency Medical *Defense Against Long Guns/ Disarms
*Legal Rights to Defend *Third Party Protection
*Room Clearing & Home Invasion Defense *Parking Lot/ Vehicle Defense

Last day ends with home invasion sim round scenario pressure test involving all skills learned.

Prerequisites: Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP)
  • Chris Cromer: 2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga IKI, Certified Force Training Instructor KMWW
  • RJ Brown: Head Defensive Tactics Instructor GCSD, Certified Force Training Instructor KMWW
  • Kaleb Young: 2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga IKI

For more info or help registering contact Chris Cromer: (864) 275-0315
Three Day Seminar
Friday, May 20 12:30-7pm
Saturday, May 21 9am-5pm
Sunday, May 22 9am-5pm

Location: 5109 Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors SC

Space is limited. Sign up now.
Cost: $450 per person preregistered.
$500 at the door.