Why Krav Maga? It's for everbody.

What do we mean when we say Krav Maga is for everyone? I have trained martial arts for 32 years learning almost every type of grappling and striking art out there. I was the head MMA instructor at a very large school and used to be very selective about who we would let in the class. Basically if they were not extremely athletic young men with several years experience in martial arts or wrestling we would discourage them from taking the class. The reason for this was we knew they would eventually quit anyway once they began training. Why? Well because they would get beat up during practice because we were training for specific competion in contolled environments. While we were able to develop some very elite MMA, kickboxing and grappling competetors it excluded the very people that Krav Maga seeks to benefit.

I was missing the boat back then because I was so focused on competiton and not self defense. i was wrong on two points. First we always assumed that what we were training would be more than enough in any simple self defense scenario. Wrong. While a lot of MMA techniques are useful for self defense real self defense situations start and end completely differently than MMA constest in controlled environements. In fact a lot of MMA/BJJ techniques could get you killed. 

The second wrong assumption I had was that the average person could just not learn this stuff well enough to be effective. You either had it or you didn't. Wrong again. Obviously there are different talent levels and levels of athleticism but that is different than self defense. As I aged and injuries began to pile up I began to reevaluate things and go back to the self defense concepts I had learned and ranked in years before. Our system of Krav Maga works for everybody because the techniques are based on simply gross motor movements that anybody can perform and we give you a simple clear goal of getting home safe by any means necessary. Most people train martial arts to be able to protect themselves and get in shape. They don't care about being UFC world champ. 

Our system is effective because it is designed for anyone regardles of age or physcal limtations. We do offer a list of techniques but the system is concept based so techniques can change if needed. We do not fall into the trap of martial arts dogma of teaching perfect techniques that work only in the dojo against a willing "attacker". Our techniques are based on real life attack and defesne scenarios. I rdon't discount the lesson we learned in the MMA days so we retain the intensity and speed of MMA but the techniques are simplified to fit the user and the situation.

All martial arts are good for wat they are designed for. Our Krav Maga is designed for anybody in any situation.

Chris Cromer